Made popular among summer camps during the 1970’s, Gaga Ball originated in Israel where the game was known as Israeli dodgeball. Brought to the US by Israeli summer camp counselors, Gaga Ball made waves, becoming a popular game played at summer camps and on playgrounds across the U.S. Unlike other sports, Gaga Ball is a sport that any child (or adult) can easily excel at- in fact, there are often different winners during each round of the game.


Combining dodging, striking, running and jumping, this unique game helps players develop strategic thinking, agility and hand-eye coordination skills while keeping participants active. This  all-inclusive activity will keep children and parents active for hours!

Traditionally, Gaga pits were constructed from wood planks and were approximately 28 inches tall.  Not only was it expensive and  time consuming to construct, the short pen walls proved to be problematic for balls going out-of-bounds easily.  Participants ran the risk of potential injuries clearing the walls to retrieve the ball and kids were being called out early in the game because their ball went missing. Not to mention, wooden pits are permanent, static structures on your property.

Flash forward to 2017, and Gaga Ball Xtreme was born! Gaga Ball Xtreme’s portable and inflatable pit can be assembled in minutes with its included pump! Measuring 15 feet in diameter by 45 inches tall, this extra tall pit keeps the ball in bounds longer, prevents players from having to exit the pit to fetch the ball, making for a lengthy, more inclusive game for all. Great for sporting facilities, school events, summer camps or even your own backyard, Gaga Ball is enjoyed by many year-round. During the colder months, this portable pit can be easily deflated for storage or played inside a gymnasium or a large home recreation room or basement.